The Japanese make such kookie and interesting characters – and this ofcourse applies to their crafting. Moonstitches found a pattern for these ‘Kawaii’ owls from a Japanese Craft book. I’d buy it too if I could read it!

At any rate, Moonstitches has lovingly taken the pattern and re-created these charming owl softies with their own linen and felt twist. This is how you make them…

STEP 1: Cut out Fabric

Cut pattern pieces (as per the image) including cardboard for the base of the owl, add seam allowances when cutting the fabric. Height of pattern pieces for this tutorial: 7cm and 10 cm

STEP 2: Sew the Belly to Back
Place belly piece on the body piece (side “a” of belly on edge “a” of body). Start at bottom and sew together, stopping before the tip of the belly part, leaving 0.5cm seam allowance for side “b”. Repeat with seam “b”.

STEP 3: Close Middle Seam
Sew middle seam, starting where seam “a” and “b” meet.

STEP 4: Trimming
Trim the seams where curved. Clip tip close to stitching. Turn inside out.

STEP 5: Prep for Sewing Up
Hand stitch along the bottom edge of the owl’s body in order to prepare for sewing it up later.
If you’re combining a rather thick fabric like wool with a thinner one like cotton or linen make sure to turn the seam allowances in direction of the thinner fabric.

STEP 6: The Beak
Begin sewing the beak from inside the owl’s body, secure the thread with a knot. Fold the tip down a bit, insert the needle and stitch what will become the owl’s face into place. Secure thread inside of the body.

STEP 7: Stuffing
Fill your owl to desired firmness, use small amounts of filling at a time. Sew up the body.

STEP 8: The Bases
Place the round cardboard base on top of the round fabric from step 1. Press fabric seam allowance around the edges of the cardboard to the center of the circle. Attach the base to body and secure the end of the thread under the bottom.

STEP 9: The Eyes
Sewing on a pair of buttons will make your owl see.

STEP 10: Finished!
You’re all done! Now all you need to do is make your new Kawaii Owl some friends.

Thanks to Moonstitches for the tutorial!